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Olive Earnshaw - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mrs Olive Earnshaw was traveling aboard Titanic as a first class passenger, making her way home from a trip to Europe. She boarded the maiden voyage of Titanic at Cherbourg France on 10th April 1912, accompanied by her mother Lily Potter, and by her friend Margaret Hays. Olive Earnshaw shared cabin C54 with Margaret Hays.

Olive Earnshaw was born on 9th September 1888. Her parents were Thomas and Lily Potter. She married Boulton Earnshaw (born on 8th November 1880), but, it is said that by the time she left their home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States to go on her trip to Europe, her marriage was in difficulties.

When Titanic struck the iceberg on at 11.40pm on 14th April 1912, Olive Earnshaw was in bed in her cabin. After the collision she went to her motherís cabin with Margaret Hays and then went to investigate.

When the order was given to load the lifeboats, Olive Earnshaw, her mother and Margaret Hays were placed into Lifeboat 7, the first to leave Titanic during the sinking. All aboard the lifeboat were rescued by Carpathia and taken to New York.

Olive Earnshaw divorced her husband soon after the Titanic disaster.

She eventually, in 1920, remarried to Allen Crolius (born on 31st March 1889), and they had two sons together.

Olive Crolius died on 21st April 1958. Her cause of death is said to have been from cancer. She was buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her husband, Allen Crolius, had died on 3rd May 1936.

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