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Percy William Deacon - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Percy William Deacon was a second class passenger crossing the Atlantic aboard the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic. He boarded Titanic on 10th April 1912 with a group of people: Charles Henry Davies, William Dibden, Ambrose Hood and brothers Leonard Mark Hickman, Lewis Hickman and Stanley George Hickman.

He was born in Fordingbridge, Hampshire in 1894.

He did not survive the Titanic tragedy. His body is not known to have been recovered.

At St Peter's Church, Bramshaw, Hampshire there is a memorial plaque fixed to the wall, its surround with the words ”There shall be no more sea, Rev. xxi .1”, with the plaque itself listing the names and ages of the group of people in which Percy William Deacon sailed aboard Titanic with. It ends with ”All Of this parish, who were lost in the wreck Of The S.S. ”Titanic”, on April 15th 1912, through collision with an Iceberg, In The Atlantic. Erected by parishioners and friends.”

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