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passengers who left Titanic in Queenstown

Titanicís maiden voyage to New York ended in tragedy, but for a small group, only traveling as far as Queenstown, Ireland, their voyage from the island of Great Britain to the island of Ireland was a success and landed them safely at their destination.

When Titanic left Southampton on 10th April 1912 she had aboard 1846 passengers and crew. When she departed Cherbourg, after taking on 271 passengers and landing 24, she had aboard 2093 people. Upon leaving Queenstown, leaving land for the very last time, Titanic had aboard 2208 passengers and crew; 123 passengers had joined Titanic at Queenstown and 7 passengers had departed the ship, having completed their voyage. In addition to the 7 passengers, one member of Titanicís crew, a fireman, deserted the ship and went ashore.

Those who left Titanic behind in Queenstown are:

Rev Francis Browne was a 32 year first class passenger. He had travelled to Southampton from his home in Ireland especially to sail on Titanic, It is said his ticket having being bought by his uncle as a gift. When he departed Titanic he took with him his camera containing a number of photos he took while aboard the ship.

Richard May, Stanley May, Kate Odell, Lily Odell and her 11 year old son Jack Odell were first class passengers traveling as a family aboard Titanic to Ireland, where they intended to tour before returning home. Richard May and Stanley May were Lily Odellís brothers, while Kate Odell was her sister in law; her husband, Herbert Odell was the one who booked the tickets and was originally to join them but cancelled his trip aboard Titanic due to business. The Odell family also went ashore from Titanic with cameras said to have belonged to Kate Odell and Jack Odell. Their photos taken during the voyage between Southampton and Queenstown also survive to this day.

Emily Nichols was a 48 year old first class passenger traveling to Ireland to meet her husband there. She was joined aboard Titanic by Richard Smith, a family friend. When she left the ship in Queenstown, Richard Smith stayed aboard to continue on to New York. Sadly he was not amongst the survivors of the sinking.

John Coffey was a 23 year old member of Titanic's crew who sailed with Titanic from Southampton on 10th April 1912 as a fireman. His previous ship is listed as being Olympic, Titanic's sister ship. He is listed as having deserted Titanic on 11th April while she was at Queenstown. It is believed that he, a native of Queenstown, deserted the ship so he could visit his family. It was reported that he soon after joined the crew aboard Cunard Lineís Mauritania.

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