Richard F Becker - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Master Richard F Becker was a 1 year old passenger aboard Titanic sailing in second class to America with his mother Nellie Becker and his sisters Ruth Becker and Marion Becker.

He was born in India to American parents on 26th June 1910. His family lived in India at the time, where his father worked as a missionary. They were making their way to America due to Richard being ill and in need of treatment. .

They set sail aboard the maiden voyage of the White Star Line’s new ship, Titanic, at Southampton on 10th April 1912. As the ship was being evacuated during the early hours of 15th April after striking an iceberg, Richard and his sister Marion were loaded into Lifeboat 11 initially without their mother – who called to join them, jumped in as it was about to be lowered, with his sister Ruth being left on her own on deck and having to find her own way to a lifeboat, managing to get into Lifeboat 11.

After Titanic, he grew up in the United States. He was married and widowed twice, first to Eva Marie Anderson, who died in 1942 and then to Jessie Armstrong Johnson, who died in 1974. Richard Becker died at a hospital in Peoria, Illinois, United States on 6th September 1975, and was buried at Swan Lake Memory Gardens, Peoria.

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