Robert James Bateman - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Reverend Robert James Bateman was a second class passenger travelling back to America. He was accompanied by his sister in law, Ada Elizabeth Balls, who was traveling aboard Titanic to move to America. He was a church minister and worked as a stonemason.

He was born in Bristol, United Kingdom on 14th October 1859. In 1880 he was married to Emily Jane Hall. He moved to America with his family in around 1900.

Prior to boarding Titanic he had been in the United Kingdom visiting his family. Before leaving for home he had persuaded his sister in law Ada Balls to move to America, and they boarded Titanic together on 10th April 1912 at Southampton.

On the night of Titanicís sinking he helped his sister in law to the lifeboats. He did not survive the sinking. His body, listed as body number 174, was found and recovered by the crew of CS Mackay-Bennet. Ada Elizabeth Balls did survive the sinking.

A 1912 document concerning the recovery of his body held at the Nova Scotia Archives notes the following: He had grey hair and a moustache; was wearing a black overcoat, black frock coat vest and trousers; he had included in his possession a gold watch and chain, glasses, knife, photo, fountain pen, gold links, 4 gold studs, purse, around 7 shillings, gold mounted eye glasses and cigar holder.

He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

Included on his memorial at his grave is: "He lost his life in the wreck of the S.S Titanic".

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