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Ruth Elizabeth Becker - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Miss Ruth Elizabeth Becker was a 12 year second class passenger sailing across the Atlantic aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic. She joined Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912, and was accompanied aboard the ship by her mother Nellie Becker, her younger sister Marion Becker and her younger brother Richard. Prior to boarding Titanic they lived in India, where her father, Allen Becker was a missionary.

She was born in India to American parents on 28th October 1899.

Her brother Richard was ill, so her mother was sailing with him and his sisters to America so he could receive treatment. While Titanic was sinking Ruth’s brother and sister were placed into a lifeboat forcing her mother to rush into the lifeboat to join them just as it was about to be lowered, with Ruth being left alone on the deck of the sinking ship; her mother had called out to her telling her to get into another lifeboat. She made her on way to Lifeboat 13 and was rescued from Titanic within it.

Ruth and her family all survived the disaster. After, they lived in America.

She married Daniel Blanchard but the marriage eventually, around twenty years later, ended in divorce.

In her later years she attended conventions held by the Titanic Historical Society.

Ruth Becker died on 6th July 1990. Her ashes were scattered in the North Atlantic, at the location where the wreck of Titanic lies.

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