Samuel Greenberg - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mr Samuel Greenberg was travelling home to Bronx, New York, United States from a business trip to South Africa. He boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912.

Samuel Greenberg was born in Russia in around 1860. He had lived in the United States for around three years before the Titanic disaster, and was married.

He did not survive the sinking of Titanic. His body, listed as body number 19, was recovered from the sea by the Mackay-Bennett.

A 1912 document concerning the recovery of his body held at the Nova Scotia Archives noted that he, when his body was found, was wearing a dressing gown, grey coat, green ditto, blue trousers, and had the following effects in his possession: two watches, $11 in American money, 6/ in silver, keys, knife and bills, etc. addressed to him.

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