Sarah Daniels - Titanic First Class Passenger

Sarah Daniels was born in in Marylebone, London, United Kingdom on 10th November 1875. Her parents were Samuel and Catherine Daniels.

After Titanic struck the iceberg on 14th April 1912, Sarah Daniels went to investigate and then went to report to her travelling companions, but seemingly they were not as concerned. Alone, she was placed into Lifeboat 8, now believed to have been the first lifeboat to leave the port side of Titanic during the sinking. She was safely rescued by Carpathia and taken to New York.

Hudson Allison, Bessie Allison and their daughter Helen Loraine Allison were died in the disaster, as was their chauffer George Swane in second class. Hudson Trevor Allison, Alice Cleaver and, coincidently, Amelia Mary Brown, the Allisonís cook travelling in second class were rescued in Lifeboat 11.

The story often told goes that Hudson Allison and Bessie Allison, unaware he was safely in a lifeboat, were unable to find Hudson Trevor Allison and were busy looking for him as the boats were being lowered.

Sarah Daniels life after the Titanic disaster is currently one of the mysteries of Titanicís passengers.

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