Scotland Road aboard Titanic

Scotland Road, as it was known aboard Titanic was named, perhaps amusingly, perhaps affectionately, after a notable road located near the River Mersey in Liverpool, the place which was Titanic's registered homeport, where White Star Line's headquarters were located and where a number of the ship's crew had a connection with. Aboard Titanic it was a very important part of the ship for both the crew and the passengers traveling in third class.

Located on the port side of E Deck, Scotland Road was a long passageway which started in the bow in the area of the forward E Deck gangway doors and extended aft in an uninterrupted straight line going aft until it was interrupted by the ship's engines; from this point, the route continued, slightly detouring around the engines and continued, passing through a number of watertight doors on the way to near as far astern as it was possible to go in the stern. Scotland Road was for the use of third class passengers and crew, the majority of the later having had their living quarters located directly off it.

Accessed forward of the start of the passageway was accommodation for Titanic's seamen, toilets for third class passengers, some third class cabins and the stairs to the enclosed third class open space on the deck above, with the well deck located above that.

Along the port side of the passageway members of the crew lived, at the forward end the carpenter and senior ranking sailors were berthed, with most of the accommodation going aft util just before the engines, being occupied by the ship's stewards. To the starboard side, though closed off from it, was first class passenger accommodation. Approaching where the presence of the engines interrupted the straight line, were stairs down to the third class passengers dining room on F Deck.

The area around where the engines were located accommodated crew involved with the ship's catering and also, opposite around the middle of the position of the engines, the engineers mess room could be found.

Going aft led into third class passenger accommodation, stairs to the side and the end led down to more third class passenger accommodation and the stairs at the end led up to some more accommodation and also toilets and wash facilities on the D Deck above. Passengers continuing up the stairs to C Deck would have been able to access the third class general room, smoking room and outside deck space.

Titanic's Scotland Road was featured in the 1997 Titanic film when the characters Jack and Rose break on to it during the sinking and are reprimanded by a steward for damaging 'White Star Line property.' It was also featured in 1979's S.0.S Titanic.

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