Sebastiano Del Carlo - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Sebastiano Del Carlo was a second class passenger aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic traveling to America with his wife, Argene Del Carlo. They were from Italy. They boarded Titanic on 10th April 1912 at Cherbourg, France. They would have been taken out to the ship at Cherbourg aboard the tender SS Nomadic, which is now the last former White Star Line ship on the surface.

Sebastiano Del Carlo was born on 11 March 1883 in Capannori, Italy.

He married Argene Genovesi on 20th February 1912.

Sebastiano Del Carlo died during the sinking. His body, listed as body 295, was recovered from the sea by the Mackay-Bennet. His wife survived the sinking.

A 1912 document concerning the recovery of his body held at the Nova Scotia Archives, noted that he had light hair and a moustache, was wearing a grey overcoat and dark tweed suit, and had upon him a gold watch and chain, pair of earrings, gold chain locket, silver watch and chain, knife, pin, pocket book and papers, $5 in notes, and 37 francs.

His body was returned to Italy.

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