Selena Cook - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mrs Selena Cook was a second class passenger travelling aboard Titanic to America to visit relatives. Traveling alone, she shared cabin F33 with Mildred Brown, Amelia Lemore and Elizabeth Nye. She boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912. Her home was in Oxford, United Kingdom.

She was born on 6th April 1890.Her maiden name was Selina Rogers.

Not long before her voyage aboard she had married Arthur Cook.

Before Titanic arrived at her last stop, Queenstown, Ireland, Selina Cook wrote a postcard to her husband saying that she had gone to bed at 10 and slept well, got up at 7.30 and had a good breakfast; she had been sitting on deck with Millie (presumably her cabin companion), and that she was very happy and not sick.

After Titanic struck the iceberg, her cabin companion Mildred Brown was reluctant to get out of bed; Mildred Brown is said to have only got up after Selena Cook remarked to her that she was surely the only person on the ship still in bed.

Selena Cook was rescued from Titanic by being lowered away from the ship in Lifeboat 14. Her three cabin companions were also rescued.

Selena Cook and her husband later made Pennsylvania, United States their home.

Selena Cook died on 12th September 1964.

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