Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett was traveling aboard Titanic as a second class passenger, as he was moving to Port Byron, New York, United States to join his parents, who had moved to America from Britain in 1910. In addition to his parents his sisters and a brother also lived in America.

It is said that originally has tried to book passage aboard the St. Louis but was unable to do so, and so then booked another liner instead, but had to be transferred to Titanic due to a coal shortage caused by a coal strike in Britain. He boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912.

He was accompanied to the ship by his uncle, Sidney Collett, and auntie. It is said that before he Titanic aboard Titanic his auntie had asked him to look after his fellow second class Titanic passenger, Marion Wright, who was sailing to America to get married.

During the evening that Titanic struck the iceberg, Sunday 14th April 1912, he had attended a hymn service held in the second class dining room led by second class passenger Ernest Courtenay Carter. When Titanic struck the iceberg he was in bed in his cabin, and felt the iceberg hit.

It is said that prior to sailing aboard Titanic he had sent an envelope to his parents with another envelope inside it, with instructions that should anything unforeseen happen to him during his trip to New York, then to open the other envelope. Fortunately there was no need for them to do this, as he had also been allowed into Lifeboat 9, and was safely rescued from the sinking ship.

After the disaster he lived in America but eventually returned to Britain.

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