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Titanic Crew Memorial, Southampton

The Titanic Crew Memorial is a memorial to the crew of Titanic who lost their lives in the sinking, now situated in the ruins of Holyrood Church, Southampton, United Kingdom. As well as being a memorial to Titanic’s crew, it also originally served as a drinking fountain.

Titanic Crew Memorial, Southampton
Titanic Crew Memorial, Southampton.

The memorial drinking fountain commemorating the crew of Titanic was originally unveiled, in its original location, in 1915 at Southampton Common. The memorial was subscribed for by friends and family of Titanic’s crew, and was constructed by Southampton stone masons Garret & Haysom using Portland stone.

The following inscription is found on the memorial;

“This Memorial Fountain was erected in memory of the crew (stewards, sailors and firemen) who lost their lives in the S.S. Titanic disaster. April 15th 1912. It was subscribed for by the widows, mothers and friends of the crew. Alderman Henry Bowyer Mayor 1912 – 1913.”

In 1972, the memorial was moved to the ruins of Holyrood Church, a 14th century church that was destroyed during an air raid in World War 2, on 30th November 1940. The ruins of the church now serve as a memorial to the seamen of the Merchant Navy.

Location of memorial

Southampton, UK.

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Holyrood Church is located on High Street, right next to the corner of Bernard Street. The memorial is located on the right just within the entrance. The church ruins are locked at dusk for the night. If the ruins are locked, the memorial can still be seen from an old railing covered doorway to the right of the entrance.

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