Titanicís Squash Court

Onboard both Titanic and her sister ship Olympic was for the benefit of those traveling in first class a squash court in which passengers could play squash, a two-player ball game played within a walled court in which players hit a ball with a racket into the wall and then return the ball back to the wall when it bounces back. The squash court was managed by a professional player of the sport who passengers could play against if they desired.

On Titanic the squash court was located forward on G deck, and other than perhaps the bottom of the swimming pool, the squash court was lower down in the ship than any other part of first class. On F deck a above there was a viewing area overlooking the squash court down below. The squash court was likely largely the same on Olympic.

To play squash passengers could purchase tickets from Titanicís Enquiry Office on C Deck which would have cost them two shillings (10 pence in today's decimal money if in use back then) or 50 cents for the use of the court for half an hour, which included the services of the professional player if desired. Passengers were permitted to use the court for up to an hour at a time, unless there were no other passengers wanting to play at the time. Those wishing to play could purchase balls and hire or purchase rackets on board from the professional player managing the court.

First class survivor Colonel Archibald Gracie is known to have played for half an hour in the squash court with the professional player on the morning of 14th April 1912, on the day Titanic later collided with the iceberg. He had intended to have a second game in the squash court the next morning.

The squash court or what may or may not remain of it today has not been visited by dives to the wreck of Titanic, to my knowledge.

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