Titanic Swimming Pool

For the benefit of first class passengers Titanic had a heated saltwater swimming pool, referred to as a swimming bath, located on the starboard side of the ship at the forward end of F Deck. It was 30ft long by 14ft wide, and included a number of changing rooms. It was very much a novelty aboard ship.

Along with the nearby Turkish Baths, the swimming pool was open to women from 10am until 1pm, and open to men from 2pm until 6pm. To use the Turkish Baths and the swimming pool 4/- or $1 had to be paid; to just use the swimming pool, would have cost 1s 0d or 25 Cents. The use of a swimming costume was included in the price. To buy a ticket to swim in the pool, passengers had to visit the Enquiry Office, located on C Deck, near the forward grand staircase. Additionally, men could use the swimming pool for free between 6am to 9am. The pool was only open to first class passengers.

Having neglected his exercises during the voyage aboard Titanic, Colonel Archibald Gracie went for a swim in the ship’s swimming pool early during the morning of 14th April 1912 – the day Titanic struck the iceberg. He described the swimming pool as a “six foot deep tank of salt water, heated to a refreshing temperature”, and said that he had never enjoyed such pleasure in a swimming bath before. In less than 24 hours he found himself swimming in the freezing cold water of the North Atlantic. Still aboard Titanic near the end, he was one of the last survivors to leave the ship, and had survived the night aboard the upturned collapsible lifeboat B. He had intended to visit the swimming pool again during the morning of 15th April.

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