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Sylvia Mae Caldwell - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Sylvia Mae Caldwell was a second class passenger returning home to Biggsville, Illinois, United States. She was travelling home from Bangkok, Siam (which is now known as Thailand), where she and her husband had spent time as teachers at a Christian boys school. Boarding Titanic at Southampton she was travelling with her husband Albert Francis Caldwell and their 10 month old son Alden Gates Caldwell.

Sylvia Mae Caldwell was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States on 23rd July 1883. She married Albert Francis Caldwell on 1st September 1909.

During the early hours of the morning of 15th April 1912, as Titanic was sinking, Sylvia Mae Caldwell and her whole family bard the ship were lowered away from Titanic and rescued in the starboard side Lifeboat 13.

She gave birth to another son, Raymond Milton Caldwell, on 21st December 1914.

Sylvia Mae Caldwell and Albert Francis Caldwell divorced in 1930.

She married George Jacob Mecherle (born 7th June 1877) on 8th January 1944.

Sylvia Mae Mecherle died on 14th January 1965. Her memorial is at East Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Mausoleum, Bloomington, Illinois. Her husband, George Jacob Mecherle, had died in 1951.

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