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Thomas Parnham Franklin

Thomas Parnham Franklin was a 37 year old first class passenger travelling aboard the maiden voyage of White Star Line's Titanic from Southampton to New York. He presumably was on a business trip in connection with his job in the silk trade.

He was born to Thomas and Jane Franklin on 9th May 1874 in Walthamstow, Essex (now London). He is known to have had four sisters. He is listed within the 1911 United Kingdom census as residing with his mother and three sisters.

Onboard Titanic on the evening of 10th April, he wrote a postcard to his sister, describing Titanic as being a lovely boat and being just like a town; also noting that he had spent an hour in the gym during the afternoon. The postcard was delivered ashore the next day when Titanic called at Queenstown, Ireland and sent on to his sister. It is also said that he wrote to his mother while aboard, and mentioned to her that he had a conversation with Joseph Bruce Ismay (the Managing Director of the White Star Line) about Titanic.

Not much else seems to be known about Thomas Franklin while aboard the ship, but he is listed to have occupied cabin D34, located on the port side of the ship near to the first class dining room.

Thomas Franklin was not amongst the survivors of the sinking. His body is not known to have been recovered afterwards.

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