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Titanic Gymnasium

Located on the starboard side of Titanicís Boat Deck was a rather impressive gymnasium for first class passengers. It included a rowing machine, exercise bikes, an electric horse and an electric camel. In charge of the gymnasium, and available to instruct, was Thomas McCauley.

Titanic's Gymnasium
Titanicís Gymnasium

Unlike the swimming pool (except for men using it early in the morning) and the Turkish baths, the gymnasium was available free of charge to first class passengers. There were separate times in which the gymnasium was available for men and women to use it. Children were allowed to use the gymnasium between 1pm to 3pm.

While waiting for the lifeboats to be ready after Titanic struck the iceberg, some passengers congregated in the gymnasium. One of the them Colonel John Jacob Astor, the richest person aboard Titanic, cut open a spare lifebelt to show his wife, Madeline, what was inside them. This and the recreation of the gymnasium were shown in both the 1979 Titanic TV movie S.O.S Titanic and a deleted scene from the 1997 Titanic film.

For the many fans of Jack and Rose and the 1997 Titanic film that visit this website: The gymnasium, very well recreated for the film, is the room in which Jack talks to Rose after he stops her while she is being given a tour of the ship, after he sneaked up to first class on the day Titanic strikes the iceberg.

When the wreck of Titanic was explored in 1986, the year after the wreck was discovered, the gymnasium is said to have still been complete. Since then the roof has completely collapsed and little remains other than the debris and the remains of the outer walls.

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