Titanic Videos

All videos are embedded YouTube videos, and are believed to all be legitimately included on YouTube.

Titanic Southampton Remembers: 30 minute long Titanic documentary, presented by Bernard Hill, who played Captain Smith in the 1997 Titanic film:

Titanic Disaster - Genuine Footage (1911-1912): Includes actual footage of Titanic in Belfast, the aftermath of the disaster and Carpathia:

Titanic Archive - 1957 Interviews:

Titanic Archive - Jack Phillips: Short documentary about Titanic's radio operator Jack Phillips:

Titanic Archive - 1992 Anniversary [of sinking]:

Titanic Archive - Eva Hart: Titanic survivor Eva Hart talks about Titanic, and behind the scenes footage of the 1979 TV movie SOS Titanic:

Titanic Archive - Frank Prentice: An interview with Titanic survivor Frank Prentice:

Titanic Archive - Capt Rostron: Short documentary about Arthur Rostron, the captain of Carpathia:

Titanic Archive - Walter Lord: Interview with Titanic historian Walter Lord, author of the book A Night to Remember:

Ice Patrol Aka To Prevent Repetition Titanic Disaster (1922):

2010 Footage of the wreck of Titanic:

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