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Tyrell William Cavendish - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mr Tyrell William Cavendish was a 36 year old first class passenger traveling aboard Titanic to the United States from the United Kingdom with his wife, Julia Florence Cavendish, to visit her father, Henry Siegel, in New York. They boarded Titanic in Southampton on 10th April 1912; their cabin is listed as being cabin C46. They were accompanied aboard Titanic by their maid, Ellen ‘Nellie’ Barber.

Tyrell Cavendish, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Cavendish, was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 12th October 1875. On Boxing Day 1906 he married Julia Siegel, the daughter of a wealthy American businessman, at her father’s home in New York. The New York Times newspaper reported the next day that there had been around twenty people at the ceremony, and that the couple would soon be sailing to the United Kingdom, where they would live.

They had two children, Henry Siegel Cavendish, born on 29th August 1908, and Geoffrey Manners Cavendish, born on 3rd October 1910. Their two children did not accompany them on their trip aboard Titanic across the Atlantic Ocean. Though, it is said, originally, the two boys were to accompany their parent’s aboard Titanic, but it was instead decided that they should stay behind. It has been said that they were left behind due to one of the boys (Geoffrey?) having become ill.

As Titanic was sinking Tyrell Cavendish accompanied his wife to the port side Boat Deck where she and their maid were lowered away from the ship in Lifeboat 6, the same lifeboat as Margaret ”Molly” Brown.

Tyrell Cavendish was lost with Titanic on 15th April 1912.

His body, listed as body No. 172, was recovered from the sea by the CS Mackey-Bennett. It was noted that he had upon him a gold watch, 2 cheque books, £7, pair of gold cuff links and stud, and that he was wearing a black striped flannel suit.

A funeral was held for him and his body then cremated in America on 4th May 1912. His ashes were taken back to Britain. Today the ashes of Tyrell Cavendish and his wife, Julia Cavendish, rest at Golders Green Crematorium, London.

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