Walter Donald Douglas - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mr Walter Donald Douglas was a first class passenger sailing aboard Titanic back to America with his wife Mahala Douglas and their maid Berthe Leroy. After completing their trip to Europe, where they had spent time buying effects for a residence they owned, they began their journey home aboard Titanic, sailing from Cherbourg, France on 10th April 1912. Aboard the ship Walter Douglas and his wife occupied cabin C86.

Walter Douglas, the son of George and Margaret Douglas, was born on 21st April 1861 in Waterloo, Iowa, United States. He married Lulu Camp on 19th May 1884 and had two sons with her, George and Edward. Walter Douglas is notable as having been a successful businessman.

Sadly, Lulu Camp died in December 1899. Walter Douglas eventually remarried to Mahala Dutton on 6th November 1907.

Sometime after Titanic collided with the iceberg on 14t April 1912, Walter Douglas left his cabin to investigate. With their lifebelts on, Walter and Mahala Douglas went to the port side Boat Deck. In her later affidavit submitted to the United States Senate Inquiry, Mahala Douglas said that: "Mr Douglas told me if I waited we might both go together, and we stood there waiting."

Mahala Douglas was eventually placed into Lifeboat 2, one of the last to leave the ship. Also in her affidavit submitted to the United States Senate Inquiry, Mahala Douglas stated that she had asked her husband to go with her, but he replied with "No; I must be a gentleman."

Walter Douglas did not survive the sinking of Titanic. His wife and their maid, also rescued in Lifeboat 2, survived.

His body, listed as body number 62, was found and recovered from the sea by the Mackay Bennett.

In a 1912 document held by the Nova Scotia Archives concerning the recovery of his body, he is described as having been wearing evening dress, with W.D.D on his shirt, and to have had the following in his possession: a gold watch, chain and sov. case with W.D.D., a gold cigar cutter, gold pencil case, gold knife, gold cigarette case, five gold studs, a wedding ring on his finger engraved May 19th '84., a pocket letter case with $551.00, and a 5 pound note."

Walter Douglas was laid to rest within his family’s mausoleum at Oak Hill Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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