William Henry Campbell - Titanic Second Class Passenger

William Henry Campbell, travelling as a second class passenger, was not an ordinary passenger aboard Titanic; he was sailing aboard Titanic as part of Harland and Wolf’s – Titanic’s builders – guarantee group aboard the maiden voyage of the ship. It was their job to monitor Titanic’s performance and to be there to resolve and help to resolve any problems with the ship. He sailed with Titanic from Belfast.

He was employed by Harland and Wolf as an apprentice joiner.

The guarantee group consisted of him and eight other people: Thomas Andrews, Roderick Chisholm, Anthony Wood, Robert Knight, Francis Parkes, William Marsh and Ennis Hastings.

William Henry Campbell was born in Belfast (the city in which Titanic was built) on 5th November 1890.

William Henry Campbell did not survive the sinking. His body is not known to have been recovered. All of the other members of Harland and Wolf’s guarantee group aboard Titanic were also lost.

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