William Crothers Dulles - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mr William Crothers Dulles was a first class passenger aboard the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic, travelling alone. Joining the ship at Cherbourg, France on 10th April 1912, he, a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, had been on a trip to Europe, where he joined his mother, who was visiting her daughter. Aboard Titanic he occupied cabin A18.

William Crothers Dulles, the son of Andrew and Mary Dulles, was born on 21 December 1872 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. By the time he boarded Titanic he was employed as an attorney, and was also the proprietor of land, where he bred horses, located in Goshen, New York, United States.

Aboard Titanic he was friendly with fellow first class passenger William Thompson Sloper.

William Crothers Dulles did not survive the sinking of Titanic on 15th April 1912.

His body, listed as body 133, was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett. A 1912 document belonging to the Nova Scotia Archives describes him as wearing a green suit, grey sweater, and overshoes, and having within his possession a gold watch and chain, gold plated knife and chain, a gold tie clip marked WCD, four bank books, a gold stud, and some money.

His body was returned to the United States, and he was laid to rest within a mausoleum at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia.

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